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Welcome to Renewable Energy Kerala

Murickens Group is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which provides turnkey renewable energy solutions and as an industry leader in solar power , MG utilizes proven techniques and technologies while developing strategic partnership with other solar industry innovators throughout India. Murickens Group has introduced two Government registered trade brand names - "MG" and "Flyline".


  Flyline Solar Inverter MG Solar Water Heater Flyline Street Light DC Home adv board LIght  

Since long renewable energy, mainly solar power and wind power based electricity, is being considered and tried out for remote area electrification as they have been found to be more convenient for installation and functioning. Solar power is abundant in Asian and African countries and due to large scale manufacturing, the solar costs have been reduced and Solar power available every where in our country has been found to be more attractive than wind power with special reference to Kerala. Murickens group has already installed thousands of solar power plants all over India since 2000. We use the most modern technologies in manufacturing solar power conditioner and arrange MNRE ( Ministry of New Renewable Energy ) subsidies for all our solar products . With the help of 1 KW Solar Photovoltaic system we can produce 4 to 4.5 Kwh electricity per day. Wind power is most suitable for Tamil Nadu , Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Coastal West Bengal, Orissa and certain parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, the Mountainous areas of Leh, Ladak and the border areas of Jammu and Kashmir and in these areas 1 KWA Wind Turbine can produce 6 to 7 Kwh.

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MG Solar Water Heater

This equipment provides you hot water without electricity charges by using sunlight. There are two type of MG Solar Water Heaters, Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) and Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) and both do not produce electricity but carries heat energy. For FPC the transparent cover allows sunlight to pass through and the flat plate inside the collector absorbs it by the selective coating. The heat – transport fluid pipes are welded on the back side of the flat plate, which takes the heat away and makes heat exchange with the water inside the tank.

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Flyline Streetlight

FLYLINE proudly announce the introduction of its Dusk to Dawn Street Light and Garden Light system which is fully automatic to switch ON & OFF in the evenings and mornings respectively.

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LED Based Solar Advertising Board

Advertisement is a medium through which the business world can be conquered and LED based solar advertising boards pave the way for that at a very very minimum cost.

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DC Home Light System

In order to avoid very huge electricity bills Murickens Group introduced the DC Home light system using most modern technologies and sunlight

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Solar Sinewave Inverter

Flyline Solar Pure Sinewave Power converting devise is an alternative power supply of online ups . Almost all of its features are the same as Online Power unit and this has been developed and designed specially for the saving of power and this system can be operated both in solar power and KSEB.

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Flyline Solar Off-grid Sinewave UPS cum Inverter

This entire Off-grid Iinverter system consists of Solar Inverter, Storage cell, Solar panel and Solar Inverter with built-in Charge Controller and intelligent Logic Control. Solar Inverter converts DC (Direct current) power from the battery to AC (Alternating Current power) compatible with the utility and AC loads. This unit consists of Solar Inverter with built-in Charge controller and intelligent Logic control that controls the charging of battery from solar or mains with solar as the priority.

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Flyline Solar LED Lantern

MG Solar Lantern is a portable, stand alone lighting unit consisting of SPV Panel, light-emitting diode (LED) sealed maintenance free battery, high efficiency electronic circuitry and charging cable and it is available in different models.

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Flyline Solar Mono/poly Crystalline Cells

Murickens group, the whole sale and retail distributors , has two kinds of ISO CERTIFIED solar panels. Solar modules also called photovoltaic (PV) Modules, convert sunlight directly into electricity and they utilize semiconductor materials similar to those used in computer chips. With the help of 1 KW Solar cells we can produce between 4 to 4.5 Kwh electricity per day.

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In order to avoid the frequent power failures and its associated loss Murickens Group has invented the Sine Wave Inverter using the latest German technology.

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Flyline, the trusted brand name, developed Off Grid inverters with high utility generators. The off–grid inverter is specially designed for generating energy wth all the advantages of a conventional inverter.

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Using the latest technology we have specially designed a UPS with 100 percent audio noice filter called Video-coach inverter for use in vehicles



Flyline Offline UPS offers only the most basic features of providing protection and battery backup. When the incoming voltage falls below a predetermined level the UPS turns on its internal DC-AC inverter circuit, which is powered from an internal storage battery. Filyline offline UPS then mechanically switches the connected equipment on to its DC-AC inverter.

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The Flyline Online UPS, sometimes called a true UPS, is the best type you can buy. Paradoxically, it is both very similar to, and totally opposite to, the least-expensive type, the standby UPS. It is very similar to that as it has the same two power sources, and a transfer switch to select.

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Muricken's modern and advanced uninterrupted power supplies or UPS are a back up source of energy that provide emergency power to devices that are connected to it until the main utility source is restored or the equipment safely switched off.

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In order to avoid voltage variations Murickens Group introduced an electric power distribution controller called Servo Stabilizer under the brand name M G. It is an electric power distribution system which can be used in automobile alternators, power generator plants etc where the voltage regulators control the output of the plant.

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Murickens Flyline 110V Step down automatic stabilizer is an important step down stabilizer now a days where electronic equipments are increasing considerably. It is the only way to get a constant out put voltage from alternating current. MG Marketing System offers an automatic voltage stabilizer which is also of optimum quality. We have also gained the position of one of the prominent servo voltage stabilizers and it is the best way to protect our equipments and to get maximum good results.

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This has been introduced only with the intention of protecting our valuable equipments from the voltage fluctuations using the latest Indian and American technologies and our products are of high quality with very low maintenance cost and price.

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Being the first manufacturer of a body condensing freezer in India we are highly delighted to say that we have different models of deep freezers manufactured by our highly qualified and experienced technicians using the latest American technology

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We are manufactures of MG brand Mobile Mortuary in kerala with high efficiency and modern technology for preserving the dead bodyies in tact a for few days. The main advantage of the technology described herein is that bodies are maintained in pristine condition for forensic analysis, especially when the outside temperature is conducive to rapid decomposing of the body. Secondly multiple bodies can be stored for transporting

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MG offers you the best heating and airconditioning equipments at a very competitive price with an amazing customer care by way of repairing of all models of high quality equipments.

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M G water cooler is a system intented to get natural and pure cold drinking water by simply connecting it to the main water line which can automatically avoid our expenses on bottled water.

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. Flyline tubular batteries are excellent ones made up of high quality plates. EL and Heat sealed are the two variety batteries manufactured with high technologies and they are specially designed for inverters, ups and solar systems, with long life at low maintenance cost.

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