Murickens Group is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which provides turnkey renewable energy solutions and as an industry leader in solar power , MG utilizes proven techniques and technologies while developing strategic partnership with other solar industry innovators throughout India. Murickens Group has introduced two Government registered trade brand names - "MG" and "Flyline".


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We are adapting a new technology for avoiding the power failures, when power failure comes think Murickens Group. We are with you every time. We are expanding this system for adapting the latest German technology. We have many customers in Kerala and outside of Kerala. Customer's trust is our courage. Our main aim is to satisfy of our customers. The inverter is very useful in our daily life. We understand peoples problem so we adapted this technology. Flyline sine wave inverter always providing pure sine wave signal.

When Inverter standby, no disturbing sound from fans and other systems. This is the main advantage of this system. It is always protecting from lightning. It has the high and low voltage tripping. It has expanding with high quality and German components are inside. No maintenance, very normal price. Long duration. The inverter device, the good quality inverter devices, stable inverter system, our product has more reliable and more elastable. Normal rates providing. Inverterkerala, Attracting price with quality inverters.


► Pure sine wave out put. ► Can works with the help of solar power or AC current. ► The best way of save money and nation by using natural resources. ► Maintenance Free.► Provision for connecting KSEB current and solar power. ► Attractive Designs. ►Pollution free type. ► No load charging system. ► Single Switch Operation. ► Fully automatic. ► DSP based very low component cost design. ► Single sided PCB, easy to assemble without any SMD components. ► Auto resetting. ► Protection from lightening, High/Low Voltage Trip. ► Over Load Protection. ► Over Charge and Deep Discharge cut off. ► Independent Digital display for solar or KSEB charging voltage, main voltage, inverter voltage, load etc. ► Audio and Visual Indicators. ► Can connect to the existing wiring. ► Bridge type center aligned switching MOSFET based topology. ► Settable SMPS intelligent charging system.► No husking sound. ► It has fully automatic charging system no need of man power i.e. if we connect KSEB line first preference for solar charging and when there is no solar light it will automatically gone to KSEB current for charging at the time of low battery.

SL.No. Parameter Single Phase Unit
1 Rating 650 VA to 5000 V A
2 Input Voltage Range 180V-270 AC or Solar power 12,24,36 or 48V
3 Normal Output Voltage 230V AC
4 Output Frequency 50 Hz ± 1 %
5 Input Frequency 45 - 55
6 Power Factor -0.8 Lagging to unit
7 Efficiency 95%
8 Control Digital/Analogue
9 Winding Copper Wires
10 Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
11 Mounting Free Free
12 Compact in size, Can work on Generators
13 Charging - AC or Solar Power Floating type & Trickle charging.
14 Noise Low Noise <50db
15 Battery 12, 24 or 48 V
16 Heat

< 50° C

Available in the range 650VA, 1000VA 1300VA, 2000VA 3000VA and 5000 VA and stand along system is up to 100 KVA.

Price of the Solar inverter is depend up on quality ,capacity/power of inverter, capacity of battery, type and watts of solar panel we use. Over all cost is based on back-up of solar power we needed.

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